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Please carefully read the attached conditions. If you have any questions, please contact the SCE-US program coordinator:

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*Please describe your primary plan for the use of SCE program hardware and software. Include the number of work stations targeted and description of instillation.
*Please indicate the specific degrees or certificates this SCE Program hardware and software will be used. For each entry please indicate the approximate hours of study with the SCE Program components.
Will you be assembling your own workstations or are you working with an educational equipment supplier (please specify which supplier)?
Approximate number of Students / year using equipment:
If SCE program hardware and software is being purchased to accommodate specific local industry, please list the primary companies. Siemens may be able to help focus your investments to meet their needs.
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Governing Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to your application to the SCE Program and to your participation therein.

  1. *NEW* This agreement requires the school to report annually the number of students using Siemens technologies and an updated list of which technologies are in use in the academic program. Participating schools afforded the discounts and benefits of SCE will complete the annual survey required by the SCE Program.
  2. (a) Granting a license (software): This contract grants you the right to use the software in the above-mentioned products for an unlimited time as detailed below, exclusively for educational or research purposes. You may not exceed the maximum number of copies specified in this agreement and the Certificate of License. You may only install one copy of the software on a single computer, or, in the case of Floating Licenses (see Certificate of License), on several computers in your educational establishment and use this/these in accordance with the conditions referred to in Point 5, i.e. by a limited number of users in the case of Floating Licenses. Point 4 details exceptions to this rule. (b) Usage restrictions (hardware and software): The products may only be used for training / further training or research purposes in the establishments specified in Point 3.
  3. The products may not be rented, leased or loaned in view of the purpose of this Contract and the price of the products, and may only be otherwise passed on to the target customers specified in Point 3 provided that the usage restrictions contained in this Contract (Point 3 in particular) are also contractually agreed with the recipient. If you fail to comply with this requirement, you will be liable to pay compensation based on the difference between the product price which you paid and the list price for the corresponding hardware or software product. Siemens is also entitled to prove that it has suffered a higher or lower level of damages.
  4. Target customers for SCE trainer packages: SCE trainer packages are only available for the customers / licensees described in greater detail below. By signing this contract, you are confirming, amongst other things, that you are associated with one of the following types of educational establishment and that the product will be limited to the purposes described in this contract: (a) Use of products at private adult education establishments is only permitted as part of state-recognized training initiatives. In Germany this includes establishments which are operated in accordance with the Employment Promotion Act (AFG), the Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (BAföG) or the Vocational Training Act (BBiG). The acquired products may only be used to implement the promoted courses. (b) Research establishments may only use trainer packages for the products if they are recognized by a competent government body as a non-commercial research establishment. (c) The use of trainer packages for the products in non-profit-making associations is only permitted for non-commercial training and further training initiatives, or research projects if the courses are open to the general public. (d) The use of trainer packages for the products in commercial training in industry and trade is only permitted for non-commercial, inhouse training and further training initiatives as part of initial training. Use of the following trainer packages: SIMATIC STEP 7, STEP 7 Software for Students, SINUMERIK SinuTrain and SinuTrain Software for Students in commercial training in industry and trade is not permitted. Trainer package SIMATIC STEP 7 Software for Training as a single license is an exception to this rule.
  5. Exceptions from licensing of software products according to the number of school computers / limited number of simultaneous uses for individual software products are as follows: (a) Classroom license: with software LOGO! Soft Comfort and S7-200 Micro/Win Software you can install and use one copy of the software on all school computers in one classroom. (b) Student license: software such as STEP 7 for Students and SinuTrain for Students, which are licensed for a 365-day period, contrary to Point 1, may be installed and used by the user (pupil, student or teacher) on a private computer for practice purposes associated with training / further training at your educational establishment (single licenses). You may transfer use of the software to the user (pupil, student, teacher) for a limited period in this context, contrary to Point 2; any other form of transfer to other third parties is not admissible, even by way of a loan or lease. The software may not be used during teaching at the educational establishment. This user receives a copy of the original software product certificate with the school stamp and signature to prove that it is being used as authorized.
  6. The General Conditions for the Transfer of Software for Automation and Drives also apply to software products and the General Conditions for the Supply of Products and Services of the Electrical and Electronics Industry, which are known to you or available from Siemens at any time, shall also apply to hardware products. The usage restrictions in this Contract shall take precedence for software products. Siemens reserves the right to verify the above. Infringements of these conditions in conjunction with this additional agreement may be pursued under criminal and/or civil law in any event.
  7. Siemens provides support services associated with this hardware/software via the internet at The hardware/software is also supported by Johnson City Call Center (hotline) at 770-625-5644.





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